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The 1990 Chevrolet 454 SS is a high performance full size pickup that mated the C1500 standard two wheel drive cab with an absolutely killer 454ci 7.4 liter, eight cylinder engine(V-8), the 3 speed automatic transmission and a 3.73 rear axle ratio helped thrust the 454 beast under the hood, the engine(90 Model) produced a maximum of 230hp, 385 foot pounds of torque, All this power was pushed out to Goodyear tires on Special 454 SS rims. The interior comes equipped with a special plush Garnet Red cloth interior and high-back reclining sport bucket seats with a Center Console.

Picture by Ron Grant, 1991 model

The soft garnet red cloth seats and red interior with black trim, black steering wheel and vents makes this not only a confortable ride but looks tough too.

Picture by Ron Grant, 1991 model

With the Huge 454ci Big Block there is not much room left. Unlike the 350 and smaller Engines this 454ci fills the entire engine compartment.

Other items include front airdam with lights, 454 SS graphic decals on rear bed left and right, black paint with black grille, bumpers, and mirrors. Halogen Headlamps, Also standard for the 454 SS were 32 millimeter Bilstein gas-filled shock obsorbers, a 32 millimeter front stabilizer bar, 12.7 to 1 fast-ratio steering gear assembly and heavy duty jounce bumpers, great looking black or chrome lug nut caps.

This specific model of truck was only produced from 1990 to 1993 and cost about $18k to $20k new.

A Little history
The base Model was first introduced in 1936 and by 1990 was selling more than a half a million units a year. up through the years the truck came in either two or 4 wheel drive and both versions came with either a six-and-a-half-foot box or an eight-foot-box.

Trucks like the 454 SS shown above were produced from 1990-1993. Total number of units produced was 16,953 its best year in 1990 with a total of 13,748 units sold, that left a total of 3205 sold from 91-93. The 454 SS had reduced payload capacity smaller than the standard models in the years before, a high sticker price-(Most buyers forget about the high price after sitting behind the wheel) and only gets at best 10mpg-12mpg

The 454 SS was and still is a pure thrill machine. Stock models are good for mid to high 15 second range in the quarter mile times. Its mid range punch is even better. The 454 SS was manufactured and assembled at only one General motors plant located in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Fort Wayne, Indiana Plant
Fort Wayne, Indiana Plant
Ft. Wayne, Indiana Assembly Plant

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1990 454 SS by the numbers

Engine / Transmission
400 tranny
454ci (7.4 liter) eight cylinder big block

Standard Sport suspension
Tinted glass on all windows
Deluxe heater
Front Stabilizer Bar
26 Gallon Fuel Tank
Halogen Headlamps
Heavy Duty Battery
Cigarette lighter
AM/FM Radio with fixed mast antenna
Voltmeter, Temperature, and oil pressure gauges
intermittent wipers

Interior / Exterior
exterior color:
Black onyx
Garnet red interiortim color

This 1992 Chevrolet 1500 Sport Model has a Special Order 454ci motor under the hood. the biggest part of the sport models seen on the road today have the 350ci engines.

Pace Buyers Guide 1997
This is only an estimate
Year – Wholesale – Retail
1990 – $7400.00 – $9325.00
1991 – $9600.00 – $12,100.00
1992 – $11,500.00 – $14,375.00
1993 – $13,925.00 – $17,800.00
Unfortunately these prices don’t reflect the collectors value.

N.A.D.A. Spring 1997
Retail – Year – Low – Medium – High
1990 $10,025.00 $11,875.00 $14,350.00
1991 $11,250.00 $13,255.00 $15,775.00
1992 $12,625.00 $14,675.00 $17,300.00
1993 $14,200.00 $16,325.00 $19,025.00

Ever think about running natural gas in your 454 SS engine?
To validate the changes/modifications by Tecogen to a naturally aspirated Chevrolet 454ci natural gas fueled engine. The application is static, constant speed, perhaps power generation for peak load shaving. The engine was performance tested and durability tested until failure occurred at 1,794 hours. The engine experienced numerous problems which included high intake and exhaust valve recession, intake and exhaust valve spring failures, valve spring shield breakage, cracked exhaust valves and cracked pistons. Overall this engine did not perform well, but has the potential to achieve a design goal of 2,000 hours at 3,600 r.p.m. through proper engineering analysis and design.

The original Sticker from a 1990 454 SS
These pictures were scanned from the original window sticker. They are cutout for legibility. we would appreciate a scan of the 91-93 window sticker if you can locate one.

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The price of these trucks varied of course with different limited options.

(Zoom in on image 4)

The entire sticker, 90 model reduced to fit on page, Zoom in for a larger view.

(Zoom in on image 4)

The entire sticker, 92 model reduced to fit on page, Zoom in for a larger view.

On May 27th 1990
The 1990 model 454SS was the Official Pace Truck for the 74th Indianapolis 500

454 SS BigBlock
CPC Mark V 7.4l-V8 Fuel Injected

The 1990 454 SS 454ci Bigblock produces at stock 230 horse power and 385 pounds of torque.

In 1992 the engine was reworked and tuned to 255 horse power and 405 pounds of torque

ETR AM/FM Stereo radio with premium dual rear speakers seek and scan, graphic equalizer and digital clock, plus stereo cassette tape player with search and repeat. Checkout the “Tech Tips” for some special hiddin stereo functions

The 454SS had the Silverado Interior package with an addition of special high-back custom Cloth Reclining sport Bucket Seats.

454SS Custom Cloth Interior in Garnet Red, with High Back Bucket seats and Center Console.

interior headroom 40.0
legroom 41.7
shoulder room 66.0
hip room 65.0